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Pest Control Methods in Brisbane 
We offer you and your family safe & effective Pest Control.  Rick will customise a integrated Management Approach to suit your family based on the level of infestation in your home and your own safety concerns..You can sit back and enjoy the piece of mind of knowing what ever product we choose to use, there will be no smell or unsafe products used in your home.

Ant Attacks Integrated Management Approach

IPM focuses on three keys elements pests need to survive.

Food                 Water             Nesting Sites

Removing these key elements will may your home a less desirable destination for pests which greatly reduces the likelihood of an insect infestation. You have a longerterm solution to your pest problem and this reduces the amount of products needed to provide effective Pest Control.

Step One

*   We perform a full inspection of property insde & out.
*  We identify the pest problem and amount of infestation in your home.
*  We select appropriate control methods that requires the safest products.

Step Two

We treat pest as per our manual.

Black & Brown Ants
Ants are treated with the use of liquids, granules and bait.  We start by treating external areas of home & yard with the use of granules to soil areas and liquid spray to base & exterior of home. Ant bait is placed near any Ant trails sighted near home. We then spray an organic product to inside window tracks, door ways and floor areas in areas of infestation.  Ants love to gain entry into home by travelling up foliage that touches home so we ask that all foliage is cut away from home before treatment day.

Cockroaches & Silverfish
These pests are regarded as a jointed treatment as they live in the same conditions. We will treat all window sills, cupboards, skirting boards, wall cavities, cracks and crevices where possible with sprays and gel bait. Dusting of roof void and external weep holes is also performed when possible. For your familys safety, we treat all bathroom and kitchen cupboards with insect gel.

Wasps & Bees
We treat Wasps and Bees with insecticide dust.  We perfer to treat them late in afternoon or early morning as they are not so aggressive and most will be resting inside treatment area in nest.

Most spiders cause havoc during the summer months in partticular, although they do breed all year round. We will spray all external walls of premises including pergolas, gutters, cloths lines, nearby bushes, letterboxs , garden sheds and other structures near home. We will also spray in weep holes and under outside furniture.  We find that treating the roof void compliments the exterior treatment and stops spiders falling through down lights in roof. We recommend you wash away all external spider webbs from home about a week after treatment day for best effect.

Rats & Mice
We offer to bait Rodents using an organic non toxic products which we place inside cardboard stations or lockable stations. Rodents will happily feed of products and the results are painless for mice & rats.  In bad infestations, we recommend booking a program of two or three follow up treatments to guaranteed all rodents are removed safely

Fleas & Lice.  
Prior to treatment, we recommend that carpets are vacuumed, floors are mopped and lawns are mowed. We are then able to apply an organic spray lightly over floor areas and yard to control these pests.  Please allow seven days for full effect of treatment to occurr. It is important that all pets are also treated with a flea treatment on the same day as pets transport flea larva around property.

                Ant Attack Guarantee
                            if pests return so do we

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