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Common questions asked about Termite Control in Brisbane

Can I tell if I have termites?
There are no obvious signs of active infestations as Termites feed inside timber, hidden from view. Some signs you may see include cracked or bubbling paint and Termite mud that grows out of walls. You may also notice that timber sounds hollow when it is tapped. Outside home, you may notice mud tubes travelling up the outside edge of concrete slabs or brickwork.

What do termites feed on?
They feed on cellulose-based material that includes house timbers, paper and cardboard products, furniture and drywall materials. In fact termites can tunnel one hundred metres through soil to reach food they like.

Why are Termites such a threat to my home?
Termite colonies eat timber 24 hours a day so infestations can go undiscovered until serious damage is done. Unfortunately no homeowners insurance in Australia covers termite timber damage and repairs, so regular termite inspections and treatments are the best ways to exterminate these pests and truly protect your property.

Do you offer Customised Termite treatments for my home?
Rick from Ant Attack will tailor an effective treatment based on your home design, budget and degree of Termite infestation. Rick can offer you either chemical ( Soil Barriers ) or non chemical ( Termite Baiting ) methods of Termite Management.

Which type of treatment is better, liquid barrier treatments or Termite Baiting? 
Both methods are very effective in eliminating termites from your home and yard. The best treatment program for you depends on your home design, level of infestation and your own personel choice.

Liquid chemical soil barriers using Termidor.   This deters Termites immediately and offers protection from future infestations for up to 8 years. Liquid is injected into soil around the base of home and injected through 12mm holes drilled into concrete pathways around home. We use the Termicide Termidor because it has been judged the safest and most effective liquid product available in Australia.  Termidor has no odour and is safe for pets and family.

Exterra Baiting System.   If you perfer a non-chemical method of termite management, consider the Exterra Baiting System. This system utilises monitoring stations which are placed in strategic at-risk locations around your home. When termite activity is sighted inside stations, bait is placed within trap for termites to ingest and share with other termites inside nest colony. This will eliminate all termites inside traps and will remove the Termite nest.  The Exterra System will remove all termites from yard and protect home from Termite attack.

Can you Guarantee Peace of Mind?

Ant Attack Termite Management Plans are customized to your homes construction type,  and backed by a $100,000 Timber Replacement Warranty. If your home is attacked in the future by Termites, we will return to re-treat property and arrange for repairs to home at no cost to home owner. It is called the Timbersure Timber Replacement Warranty. 

         You will receive the most Reliable and Honest Termite Management service available

    We have over 23 years experience in Termite control methods in South East Queensland

                                 You can be confident we'll be around when you need us
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